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On this page we publish queries and the corresponding answers, as far as they are of general interest in connection with the tender for the IntraRegional 2021.

Question: Do I have to send in a proposal for one or more sites?

Answer: No.


Q: Is there internet on any of the sites available?

A: No, there is no internet available on the sites.



Q: What is meant by the foreigner tax?

A: The so-called foreigner tax is not a tax for foreign artists. Rather, the tax becomes applicable when artists, sportsmen etc. live abroad and generate income in Germany. Correctly one speaks therefore also of the “limited tax liability” according to § 49 EStG.
The artist has to pay the tax from his fee, which he receives from a German organizer. However, since foreign artists may quickly be abroad again and the German tax authorities would then have to struggle to keep up with the tax revenue, the German organizer must withhold and pay the tax. He is also liable for the payment of the tax.
The height of the tax amounts is 15%, which become applicable starting from a fee of 250 euro. The tax rate applies regardless of whether the artist is a natural or legal person.

For artists who live abroad, a division of costs into fees, travel expenses and material can be made when settling their project with the organisers. The foreigner tax must then only be paid on the fee.



Q: What do you mean in your oppen call with “three detailed references of their professional work. These references are needed to be verified by either print, audio or video”. Means someone else needs to refer to my work or that I have to specify three personal works?

A: You have to specify three personal works.



Q: We would like to apply as a group, but the online form does not provide for this. What should we fill in?

A: Unfortunately, the form does not provide for an explicit application as a group. If you would like to apply as a group nevertheless, please designate a person responsible for the group, whose information you enter in the fields e-mail, address and telephone. This person will be notified in case of acceptance or rejection. In the fields name and surname please list all names of the participating artists. (e.g. Name: Obama & Trump & Biden, First name: Barack & Donald & Joe). The first person mentioned here should belong to the address and e-mail address provided.

Please also indicate in the Short CV and Artistic Statement fields and in the PDF Portfolio file that you are applying as a group.