Friedenshain | Isernhagen
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Friedenshain | Isernhagen

The art association burgwedel-isernhagen provides with the Friedenshain a very special place for sound art for the IntraRegionale 2021.

The Friedenshain in Isernhagen is a private park under monumental protection, which is only opened on very special occasions.

The Friedenshain also includes a hall and a small natural history museum, which will provide space for the sound installation for the period of the Intraregional 2021. Since the room has a clear height of about 12 m there will be a lot of space for an artistic examination of the place.

The following text is taken from a brochure:
Already the entrance to this listed park is impressive. There a wooden batten door opens. It is framed by a stone portal with the inscription “Friedenshain”. Above it has a miniature of a kind of Viking ship. In 1907 Karl Kirchhoff built this complex as a kind of scientific station. The merchant and carpenter ran a store for aquariums and terrariums in Hanover that was unparalleled at the time. Consequently, Kirchhoff set up a breeding station for fish and aquatic plants here, east of Isernhagen F.B., in a swamp area with forest in the direction of Neuwarmbüchen. Ponds can still be seen today between the tall trees.

Today’s owner, a great-grandson of Kirchhoff, was born in the house in Friedenshain and was anxious to preserve the life’s work as an architectural monument and important document of Hanoverian history. The VGH Foundation supported the project to secure this approximately 16,000 square meter site with its greenhouses and sculptures. It is also an example of a place of retreat, as industrialization took its course at the end of the 19th century. As part of the reform movement of that time the desire to experience nature directly grew. And at Friedenshain gardens and museum that was possible.


Friedenshain 1, 30916 Isernhagen