10 Multi-Storey Car Park | Lehrte
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10 Multi-Storey Car Park | Lehrte

The multi-storey car park in Lehrte is a new building completed in 2015, located between the Burgdorfer Straße and the Poststraße in the immediate proximity of the railway station.

Built directly on the site of the previous car park, it was put into operation on 9 May 1982 and was demolished in February 2015 due to its dilapidated condition. For the construction of the new building, the car park company, a 100% subsidiary of the town of Lehrte, was founded specifically for this purpose. Twice as high as the old multi-storey car park, the new building was completed in summer 2016 and has six instead of three parking levels, arranged around a triangular atrium in the middle of the building. Designed in white and made of concrete, each level is column-free, so there are few visual restrictions within the levels. For better orientation, a different colour was applied to certain wall sections in the two staircases and on the levels to distinguish the individual floors. The top floor is not used as a parking area and is not accessible to the public as it is equipped with a photovoltaic system.

On the parking decks, the façade is fitted with sloping glass louvres, while the staircases are glazed in a closed manner. In order to avoid the building appearing too massive and to convey a feeling of security, the greatest possible incidence of light was aimed for. For this purpose, an additional 30 surveillance cameras have been installed in the building. A total of 360 parking spaces are available for short-term parking, park & ride purposes and some are signposted as permanently allocated parking spaces.

All in all, the car park is intended to serve commuters as well as customers of the surrounding shops and service providers as a parking facility and to relieve the parking situation on the streets, although the utilisation rate does not meet expectations.




Lisa Premke


Burgdorfer Starße, 31275 Lehrte