Recycling Yard | Bissendorf
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Recycling Yard | Bissendorf

On 21 recycling yards in the region Hanover the coworkers of aha receive all valuable waste materials in small and larger quantities. An offer, which is used very gladly. 15 different fractions are collected here. Even pollutants or hazardous waste from private households are welcome.

About 4.3 million visitors deliver a total quantity of nearly 3 million kg of recyclable materials. The recycling center in Bissendorf records about 213,000 visitors per year – that is between 850 and 2000 per day. It was opened on 29 December 2013 on an area of 11,687 m² in the Wedemark.

For the sound art installation of IntraRegionale 2021, a red flap-lid container measuring 6.5 x 2.3 x 2.3m will be provided. This container has a power connection and will be placed in a row with the other containers for recyclable materials. It can be seen by all visitors without any special detours on the premises.