Bovista and Park | Poggenhagen
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Bovista and Park | Poggenhagen

“Bovista” is the name of the place at the KulturGut Poggenhagen

The Art-Lab was created in 2011 as part of an art and architecture competition. The object of the competition at that time was small dwellings that offer artists a summery place to live and work. They were to be developed as “living sculptures”, out of the place and referring to it.

The Bovista deliberately stands on the border between forest and meadow. It can thus open itself up to two very different environments. The outer skin consists of used shuttering panels, which from the beginning had a certain patina. The color changes from red-brown to dark gray and lets the Bovista merge with its surroundings in summer and winter. Inside, there are two levels – the lower level through which the bovist is entered and a raised working level, which is created by folding down two floor wings. Accessible via the “light staircase”, first one wing is folded down and then the second wing is accessed from above. From this level there is then a direct view of the surrounding green spaces and buildings, as well as a view through the fixed glazing towards the forest.

The Bovista stands on the grounds of the Poggenhagen estate, which lies 20 km northwest of Hanover, embedded between the river Leine and the moor, which further west merges into the Steinhuder Meer.

Since 2004 it has been home to a cultural project – the KulturGut Poggenhagen. This is aimed at people who want to work and live culturally in one place. Several art projects, whose traces can still be found on the estate today, and an annual open air festival are part of the cultural output of the project.

The sound art 2021 is explicitly not limited to the Bovista itself. Depending on the concept, the neighboring forest, the idyllic orchard, the old half-timbered granary or the manor park can also be set to sound.




Peter Simon


Gut Harms 5, 31535 Neustadt a. Rbge.