Passages | Völksen
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Passages | Völksen

Also called ” Gatzen”, the historical, narrow footpaths across the village, run quietly, away from the noise of the streets and bordered by brick and limestone walls, in a length of almost 2 kilometres along the back houses of Völksen. They also offer insights into private gardens and orchards, while the Lutheran Johanneskirche is a focal point in a connection between school and kindergarten. At the end points of the “Gatzen” there is a supermarket on one side and an old forge on the other, which today houses a large pizza oven built with clay.

In the project “Klang-Passagen” we present the “Gatzen”, because they are rediscovered with the means of KlangKunst (sound art) and brought to the public’s attention in a surprising and unique way. The interventions arouse curiosity: they let people stroll, be amazed and listen. In the encounter of all social classes and age groups they artistically connect the end points with the centre and at the same time stand for a socio-cultural transfer, place- and society-related.

Moreover, it is conceivable to integrate the sound art project into the context of the current village development plan: „WIR.HIER. VÖLKSEN – ein Dorf erfindet sich neu“ (“WE.HERE. VÖLKSEN – a village reinvents itself”). Perhaps sound art could be used as a transmission belt for further development? We will see…




Anna Schimkat


Twetje, 31832 Springe-Völksen